We believe that training in reality, within context that represents the game,  is the key to becoming a great volleyball player. This means playing the game a lot, whether it’s 2v2, 4v4, 6v6, or some other form of the game in which there are opponents to react to, teammates to adjust to, and all the important elements of the game to percieve and understand.

However, we also recognize that there are certain aspects of our game that can benefit from a little individual instruction.  A private lesson, or tutoring session as we like to call them, can give an athlete the information they need, and check for understanding of that information.  

Below are the focus points for tutoring sessions.

Please choose only one per session.


Hitting sessions will cover basic footwork concepts, jumping technique, using rotation to hit with power and maintain a healthy shoulder & back, using momentum to attack the ball with power and range, and staying healthy through proper follow through and landing techniques.


Serve Receive sessions will cover basic posture and passing concepts, platform management, creating a good angle, moving to make sure the ball will hit your angle, reading the serve early, and defining the attention and intention of great serve receive mindset.


Blocking sessions will cover basic blocking movements, posture, decision making and eye sequencing.


Serving sessions will cover basic basic overhead serving concepts inclduing using rotation to generate power and keep the back and shoulder healthy, consistency, and precision.  Jump serve instruction is also available.


In the movment assessment we will take a look at basic movement abilitites and how they relate to the sport of volleyball.  Some areas looked at are rotational movement used in hitting and serving, hip dominant movement used in reception and jumping, and basic movement efficiency during running, jumping, and floor play.


1 Athlete: $40/hr

2 Athletes: $60/hr

3 Athletes: $75/hr

4 Athletes: $80/hr

Email tutoring@risevolleyballacademy.net to schedule a session.

Please provide the following details in your email:

  • Number of athletes attending session
  • Desired focus of the session
  • Experience level of the athlete(s) attending session

We will get back to you with available days and times.