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3-6th Grade Volleyball Program focused on learning to play the game through games while adding in constraints and rules to simplify them to meet the developmental needs of the athletes.

Lower Nets

Allows the athletes to perform the skills the same way they will when they are older.

Game Day

Smaller courts with a smaller net and a lighter ball

We think that training 3-6th graders on the same size net and court as our Olympic players compete on is kind of silly. Ignition athletes have fun PLAYING the game on smaller courts, with lower nets, and a lighter ball. These slight changes add up to better long term learning.

We begin by playing doubles on Day 1. The players explore the game with a partner, against other teams. We use scoring and rule variations to teach principles of volleyball through the doubles game. Small-sided games give each player a lot of  chances to touch the ball and work with a teammate, which are critical skills in volleyball.

We then transition to 4-on-4, using various modified games and goals to guide the athletes through concepts of larger team play. Most 6-on-6 concepts emerge in the 4-on-4 game, with the athletes receiving more touches per session.

In our gym, we use games to teach and learn, because they are both fun and realistic. The athletes move quickly from demonstrations to games, to explore the concepts we are teaching.

Small Sided Games

Players get a much greater amount of playing time, touches, and opportunities to respond.